As from Tuesday second of February  new regulations have been enforced into Dubai in order to be applicable at least till the end of the month. We are going to give you an overall view on measures being  already applicable in Emirates.

Cinemas and sport’s halls can only host 50% of their capacity. 

Department stores and hotels including  swimming pools and private beaches can only host 70% of their capacity. 

Bars and nightclubs are to be closed. while restaurants and coffees have to close at 1am and be prevented from organizing events. Anyway and wherever we are safety measures have to be respected such as wearing masks and respecting social distancing.

Inspection patrols will be intensified in order to ensure full respect of newly implemented sanitary protocol measures.

It is also worth mentioning that community members are invited to report to the police any breach of these declared security measures.

Knowing that is a case of non-respect of these security measures offenders are subject to  pay fines . Also not wearing a mask in public space or department stores or into public means of transport causes you to pay 3.000 AED as fine.

Furthermore any failure to abide by these newly implemented measures  whether into public spaces such as gatherings or during home parties will result in paying a fine of 10.000 AED by the organizer and 5.000 by each guest.

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