The most beautiful Desert spots to visit in the region

With the. in advance of the winter season, comes the taste for adventure especially in the desert. We are 

inviting you for a short and wonderful tour into the breathtaking spots located in the Emirati desert and to ensure you a beautiful and safe experience we are advising you to take into account the sanitary protocol related to the constantly changing Covid and to take a look at the article named ** Desert for the idiots** in order to don’t go astray alone.

Desert landscape often requires you to use a 4×4  vehicle   with your proper name insurance contract  , you are also required to be using at least three cars and to check the weather forecast announcement besides  the car engine, equipment such as  gas level into the tank and never take lightly the so called *easy outings*.

Al Qudra :

Being in the vicinity of the city  gives you an amazing day trip which turned out to be the best choice for a getaway for a picnic or barbecue In the desert.

Bidyar ** also known as the vast red desert **.

located between Sharjah and Dubai via l’Hatta road (E44) this spot is totally accessible to all and it  can feed your hunger for adventure. Furthermore the more you venture into it the more it reveals its different amazing shades of red lights.

Liwa ** also known as RUB AL KHALI  ( THE EMPTY QUARTER )**

This area is famous for hosting both experienced and amateur adventurers of dunes being enthusiasts. It is known for its several festivals and ongoing competitions being organized there  thanks to its proximity to Saudi Arabia Yemen and Oman, moreover it is the largest known site of its kind in the entire Arabian peninsula you are required to submit. To the PCR before heading to Abu Dhabi.

The Buried village of al Al Madam 

It consists of an abandoned buried village that no one knows so far the real reason for that mystery.

AL Faya 

This is an amazing spot that attracts both experienced and inexperienced drivers offering a vast majority range of dunes rather higher than  Bidayer ones. It is also a wonderful and perfect location for enjoying  camping and observing the glorious night sky with plenty of shining stars.


 Let’s venture deep into the heart of Sharjah’s deserts and to discover this UNESCO Heritage site. 


Simply let comping beginners enjoy  their paradise.   


At Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain  boundaries is  located this site named ( Little Liwa ) since it is considered as a training location for those who are interested to visit Liwa afterwards, be careful only highly experienced and skilled drivers are allowed to venture there.

AL Khaznah

Stretching Al Ain to Abu Dhabi. This rather uncrowded spot perfectly embodies the happiness and joy of 4×4 lovers and offers them a wonderful landscape over an amazing view of the desert.

AL Hayer ** The forest **

This site is often underrated and overlooked in  comparison to other ones in EAU, providing visitors with a beautiful spot for easy maneuvering close to highways  having memorable desert tour experience as a bonus.

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